Covid, those who don't believe or think it's a hoax?

Hello Everyone,

My post is for everyone, I am very interested in hearing your views. The world is currently a very strange one. There have been well over a million deaths worldwide from a virus called Covid-19. Why are there so many people denying this is happening? Protesting in the cities? Won’t wear their masks? Don’t take it seriously? Calling it a hoax? Trolling and laughing at the families of the bereaved? Won’t isolate if they experience symptoms? Placing heinous comments on social media? I see it every day and as a bereaved family member and experiencing what I wouldn’t wish on anyone, why is society like this ? I don’t understand :cry:

I don’t either
I’ve not been anywhere in months unless it was absutley unavoidable.
All I can assume is, these folks who think it’s, a joke have no one in there life that has been effected by covid.

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I am so sorry that you have lost a loved one to covid…saying goodbye to those who have gone on before us is horrendous at the best of times and this pandemic has added extra pain to tbose affected and made tbe grief even worse.
It seems that society has descended into a very dark place…all the points you raise have been growing for some time as some people become evermore self centred, frightened and unable to accept reality; the media and internet platforms feed on this and churn out half truths which reignite people’s fears and obsessive self interest…it focuses on the negative . Many of our politicians seem to be at the forefront…their desire to be in power has overridden their integrity and many values on which society has depended have been openly disregarded and devalued.
All that said, there are so many people out there who try to do their best every day…who go that extra step to think of others over themselves, who place value on truth and honesty and do their best to instil these values into their children. They give us hope for a better future and we can only pray that they will prevail and that the world will start tilting back to its proper orientation.
Grief is ghastly…it drags us down and encourages us to give up…in many cases we no longer have the comfort of that special someone to share our fears…fighting negativity is a daily battle…BUT everyone posting here carries so much love in their hearts and if we can try, in whatever way open to us, to share that love we will play our part too and the darkness will recede.
Take care x


Hello Paula51 No I think you’re exactly right, society has shown itself in it’s true and very sad colours, the selfishness and ignorance is incredible. They can’t do what they want, they don’t realise how petty they sound. If only I could let them walk in shoes for just a minute…

Hello amelie_sgran Yes I blame the media for a lot, if you ever stop and read people’s comments on any Covid story, you’d be amazed at the vileness of people. And like you say the media are only telling half a story and this causes a lot of it x I could never have imagined any human being being like that to others, yet, in reality it’s why the world has become what it is today. If they could feel what all our families feel, and I’ll be honest I wish I could jar it and do that but just as an experience for them, not real, because I wouldn’t wish it on ANYONE. The media should do more work with the families and show what they’re going through to enlighten them, I know you’re not always going to get everyone to understand but the level of idiocy is boundless. And hurtful, very, very hurtful. The government have handled it terribly, we have lost so many lives in this country, why are we not looking into this, why did we not learn from the first time around?? My dad caught it innocently in hospital being treated for another matter in april, I was talking to lady who’s dad died yesterday exactly the same, I don’t understand why we aren’t protecting people. And the NHS staff going into battle every day deserve every admiration and thanks, it’s just so sad we have lost so many of them too, 2 at the same hospital my dad died in x I know there are many good people, I am lucky to know many and they have been a godsend to me and my family through this. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely reply :yellow_heart:

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I totally agree with all you say.
Only yesterday I went into my local Aldi to pick up flowers for my dear departed wife’s daughters grave ( we lost her to cancer 6 yrs previous) and there were old ladies with loose fitting masks off their noses and another with no mask at all .UNBELIEVABLE

Just lost my dear Dad to this horrible virus.
All started on 17/11 when dad was taken to hospital with mild breathing difficulties, at that point it was scarry but we were full of hope that he wil be ok.
Five days later there were signs of improvement but the fear feeling was still present. On Sunday 22/11 in afternoon dad was very quiet. He wasn’t answering his phone and didn’t replied to any of our messages.
No news about his condition untill Monday morning where he was transferred to special Covid only hospital where he had to be operated. Unfortunately none o us were able to speak to him and tell him how much we love him. All went well and he was kept in induce coma to help him with the recovery, least that what they told us. From that day the fear of loosing him was getting more realistic but with prayers hope was what kept us going. His condition was critical but stable. At that point that was great news as stable was good. My sister and I live in Uk my parents live in Poland. UK was in lockdown and flying to Poland was impossible. Mum also tested positive for Covid and had to be all by herself going through this horrible ordeal.
On Friday 26/11 we were told that something was going wrong, his liver readings were high and his stomach was very bloated. There were fears of another blood clot. All the tests came back but didn’t show anything wrong. For the next couple of days his condition wasnt getting any worse but that didn’t make my fear of loosing him any less. As a matter of fact I was very scared that the end is near. I had to be with my mum I kept saying she cannot be all alone! . Out of no where there was a flight to Poland only on that day 1/12 nothing after that till 13/12. Without thinking twice we booked the tickets and we were on our way to be with mum.
On 2/12 in the morning we received a phonecall. It wasn’t news that I was hoping for. Dad lost his battle with Covid . Only then I realized that he waited , he was holding on untill we were able to be with our mum so she wouldn’t be alone.
Another thing is that those who die from Covid are alone without their love ones. Family loosing loved ones without ability to say goodbye. And your loved ones won’t be able to be dressed, they will be buried in a double plastic bag as there is risk of contamination. If that doesn’t make those Covid idiots think twice then I don’t know what will.
It’s like the worst nightmare that I wish I could wake up from.


Reading your story here there are so many similarities to my own wife’s passing.
Except I was allowed in when things had gone beyond hope and was with her at the end holding her hand.
Absolutely devastated.
Now two weeks today still breaking down.
Very very upset this week when the Funeral Directors told me I couldn’t give them clothes to dress her in OR could I pay her a final visit .
Keep sharing here you’ll find as I did were not alone
Take care

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@Mickp so sorry for your loss.
My dad’s funeral is tomorrow and again only 30 people are allowed. He deserves better send off then that. This virus stripped all the victims and their families off all the rights and dignities.
Stay strong my lovely.
Thank you for your reply

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My heart goes out to all of you, I lost my mum in April to covid and was not allowed to be with her or attend her funeral (people almost think I’ve made it up but our county either allowed a cremation chapel service with no attendees or an outside spoken service and no streaming) we chose an inside chapel service so that it could be streamed for all the family. I admit that it has nearly floored me, I had been caring for my mum for nearly 18 years and I had not envisaged an end like this. If I listed everything from 2020 it would sound like someone over dramatising. I am hanging on cos I have a wonderful husband and two sons + their partners and a grandchild they keep me going.
The vaccine gives me hope that by April we will be able to resume some better quality of life, my god I miss those hugs. 2020 can just go do one, it has brought so much pain to everyone. I have experienced two very unpleasant reactions to covid one in public and one on facebook and find it unbelievable that anyone could be so immensely cruel to people who are grieving so deeply, I take heart that all others even complete strangers have been so kind, when I’ve broken down and cried in shops over Christmas cards entitled ‘to my mum and dad’ they have been so nice. I had never really thought about how many people you meet in daily life are grieving in normal circumstances, add to that all the Covid grief there are so many people trying to pick themselves up and carry on. I have taken to thanking people for random acts of kindness and explaining that when so many people are grieving just a little kindness means so much. I write things like the following to let out some of the pain, just do whatever helps you everyone’s grief is different but very debilitating. I send virtual hugs to you all and hope that 2021 will improve for all of us.

I THINK OF YOU (for my wonderful loving parents)
I think of you and all that love, I wonder where you’ve gone
I think of you and all those hugs, How will I carry on?
But then I think of both of you, And what you both went through
Despite it all and with much love, Your care for us just grew.
And still I’m lucky to have love, I hold it close to me
And hope that no one knows my pain, That it’s not plain to see.
Maybe I’ve loved you both too much
And oh my heart just weeps
But mum and dad don’t change for me
Rest gentle in your sleep
No way could you have given more, Your best more than enough
I love you both, I think you know, But losing you is tough.


I’ve been watching a documentary in bbc2 called hospital showing the impact of covid on the NHS and why its so important to stick to the rules and try not to spread the virus. It realy brings it home to you why we need to do what is asked.

I can’t beleive people moan over the fact they can’t go to pubs or eat out at restaurants or go buy crap from primark as though that’s more important than saveing lives.


My son is 26 and except from wearing a mask due to health issues that can’t be seen but he has a lanyard round his neck explaining this,

My son is, autistic and has a congenital abnormality that hinders his, breathing so its, more obvious there’s something amis he also has a disabled buss pass. He’s not been challenged with the lanyard on.