Crash Bang Wallop!!!!!

Hi everyone,haven’t posted for awhile,thought I was doing ok….Have just come back from Spain with brother,and ,well you can guess by my choice of words with the title ………I came home this afternoon to my empty house and have literally broken down,and have been awful,crying,shaking……why me??..…why has my wife been taken from me………I know she only passed away end of may,I know I’ve got a long,long way to go….but I was feeling so much stronger lately,but now I feel helpless again…………I know it’s hard for everyone on here,but for me personally, I’m only 53, I am useless on my own,absolutely dreadful……I work myself up by thinking what’s to become of me?..…will I ever love again??..…Or worse than that, will someone ever love me again??? ……I think that’s the really scary bit, I don’t want to be on my own,I obviously ain’t looking for anyone now,but the thought of the next 20 years on my own just really frightened me to death…….I’m scared of the future,of what lies ahead……I miss my wife so very, very much


Hello and yes if you want and are meant to love again it will happen but give it time. Life is scary without our loved one but for many there are more than that one person to love. We all have ups and downs and that’s hard to deal with and if you have had a good time coming back into an empty house is dreadful. I actually have a friend how’s wife had breast cancer but he found a new love after a couple of years and they have a fantastic relationship and I am sure you will but just relax and see what comes. You will be a stronger, braver person for your second person to love. Don’t be hard on yourself and just give it time. She would not want you to be scared but strong. S xxx

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Hi Donant,
I was just like this a couple of weeks back.
Thought I was doing okay, went to stay with my sister and her family then came back home.
I was a right mess, frightened, anxious, overwhelmed, all things I thought were becoming less and less.
I realise it is still early days, my beautiful wife passed on April 29th, and I guess I was always going to have bad times.
I have to try and think positively and go back to one day at a time, not start thinking ahead as that is scary territory.
Let’s hope we can all slowly improve to some degree and each get to our “peace,” whatever that entails.
Joe x


Hello mate, thank you for replying, everything you’ve mentioned, being overwhelmed, anxious is exactly how I’ve been feeling……… it’s awful why have we been dealt these cards……. I hope we all one day will be able to bear our grief as best as possible……… thanks mate, it’s good to talk