Crippling pain

I sit here, my mind and thoughts never stop thinking about my wonderful Paul. I wake up at night crying.
The pain of missing him is the worse pain I’ve experienced ever.
The future is a frightening thought
I ponder on taking the easy way out
Why just why did he have to be taken from me. We had so many plans for the future…I’m heartbroken


Hi, I completely understand your pain, everything I do is so painful as my lovely husband is not with me , all the things he won’t get to do again is crippling me. I can honestly say I didn’t want to go on and kept thinking what’s the point but now I think how angry Ian would be if I didn’t continue and keep his memory alive.
It’s just been 3 months since his passing and I’m still in shock but I have a a couple of days that have been a little brighter than the rest of the days.
Take care Diane


Susan, it is the worst pain. I lost my husband 21 months ago and the pain I have experienced is something that is hard to describe to people that have not lost a partner. It’s just awful. It’s physically and mentally painful and exhausting. Just know that what you are going through reflects your love for each other. It does change its form, becomes less raw and sharp and debilitating. For me, it’s never far away but just take one moment at a time and roll with it. Don’t expect too much of yourself. Everyone is here for you xx


Lost my lovely wife on the 19th Dec after a brave fight with cancer I have managed to get through Xmas with support from family and friends but I feel so empty and totally lost . We two had so many plans but now its just me and life seem pointless she was my world but I’m sure she would have wanted me to carry on but its so hard.


Hello Sue
How are you there?..I identify with what you are experiencing…it’s painful especially at night…emotions run riot …if you ever want to chat/talk …let me know.
Take care
Kind regards

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Thank you John
So kind

You are welcome :pray: Susan…take care

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