It’s almost a year since I lost my mum to a brain tumor, it was very quick from the time we knew to the time she went. I cry every day, every little thing reminds me ov her my every thought reverts back to her, I cry every night before I go to bed, I don’t sleep much and then when I do I wake and cry every morning, it hasn’t eased at all, I have the same feeling in my belly just like that morning I heard her pass, I was not peaceful at all, the tears that streamed out ov her eyes untill she let go haunts me…it seems the more days that pass the he harder I find life without her. I need her so much


Hi lostwithoutyou
Your sadness shows through your words. Our mothers are our strength as we grow. They never judge and are always there no matter what we do.
Then the day comes and they are no longer here. No matter how they pass or how old there is always a space in our hearts forever gone. Try replacing those memories and images you have with a happy memory. In time it may help lessen the intense pain you feel. This may help it may be worth a try


It’s any memory infact I wish I had no memories it’s those that make me sad every day in everything I do will spike a moment I wish had back :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

When i have had relatives in the past pass I have blocked out all memories but then I find over time even conjouring up an image of them difficult. So my choice was replace instead of avoid I would rather have something of a memory than nothing.
Hopefully someone will come along and offer up advise that has maybe worked for them

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Hi Lost without you i completely understand in regards to memories i live with my parents after my break up and my beloved dad died a month ago very quickly from being diagnosed with lung cancer. We buried him on 15th October followed by my daughter’s wedding on the 17th. I had a slight breakdown and was signed off work i am back now however cry everyday and thinking of the memories we shared just makes me realise i won’t have them again. I’m 52 but feel as if I’m a child again loosing my dad he was the one constant man in my life and never let me down. Grief is so overwhelming x

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