D Day

Tomorrow is my D Day - everything will be taken to the new how
At the moment I am living in a space full of boxes - so strange to have my life in boxes
I feel very nervous, I feel proud that I have managed to buy a house and do what it need to be done. Jack would have been proud of me too and would say ‘ I know you could do it”
I feel sorry to leave where I am - my house - the places I know and are so familiar to me. But I also know is the right decision
So sad to move to a place without Jack - but I know he chose this place for me

We throw so much stuff away, I have so much away - it is very hard to down size

Head up - strong heart !!!
Sadie x


Dear Sadsadie,
Thank you for sharing your D Day feelings with us. May you continue to hold on to that comforting thought that your Jack would be so proud of you! And even though you are leaving a house and a place, all the memories you have of your time there will go with you in your heart… xxx

Thank you Jo
I have had a few tears -
I have never thought that one day I will be moving somewhere without Jack

Good luck Sadie, indeed you should pat yourself on the back for solving all the problems it must have taken to get to this stage. it looks impossible to me from where I am so I admire you a lot. I hope you and your memories of Jack will be happy in your new home that he chose for you :heart:

A job well done, Sadie, I am preparing to move house as well, first time alone… It’s not easy, I am so proud of you.

Reilly and FleurdeLis

I now feel so exhausted !!
We are very much in control
The house is bare - so empty and so without life. I feel sad
We spent many years here. So sorry that Jack is not here -
We have so much stuff!
For the rest of my life I won’t need to buy pens, pencils, laundry liquid, boots, dresses So much stuff and I know once in the new house I will have to throw more stuff away! Do you know, I never realised I had so many paints and pictures
I feel so sad to see my life passing
Sadie xx


Inspirational. You should be so proud of yourself Riley and Sadsadie. I wish you well. And your partners will always be with you wherever you go xxx

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