Dad died in January 2022 suddenly

My dad died on the 25th January 2022, he had a fall at home broke his hip,and had the operation. All was well and he was due to come home to mum, he had been in a community hospital for 2 weeks, and on the 25th Jan we had a call to say he had passed away of a bleed on the brain.
Such a shock and my heart hurts when I think he has gone, does anyone else have the whole,sense that it’s not true and still feels like a dream ?


Dear @Eham

Welcome to the Community. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad.

Sadly when a loved one dies suddenly it can feel very unreal just like a dream. What you are experiencing is normal.

In the search bar if you type Loss of Parent you can connect with members here who have experienced what you are going through. The support is amazing and will be of help to you.

Sue Ryder have recently launched a Grief Self-Help Service which has helpful tools and resources. This may be of help to you.

You are in the early stages of grief and it will be a roller coaster of emotions, please be gentle with yourself and continue to reach out. You are not alone and we are all here for you.

Take care.


Oh yes my darling. My dad died very suddenly just after Easter. We had the funeral on Monday. My poor mum cries several times a day. I have to hold in my grief to support her. As a nurse, I feel guilty. We’re there signs that he was ill??? I can’t leave mum on her own yet, she is broken. I need to return to work can’t look after others just now. I am with you and please contact me so we can support each other. Sudden death is so cruel and recovery is much longer. My dad was my world, I was a proper daddy’s girl. So I hear your pain xxc


I lost my dad in January too. Know exactly how you feel. I still wake up in the morning thinking it’s all a horrible dream.

Hi @Eham, @beth21, @Anne1501.
I share your pain and grief. It does get easier but only because you learn to carry it with you.
My Dad was a very fit and eccentric 95 year old who rode his push bike every day….right up until covid took him from me. :cry:
For years he used to text me every morning, just to let me know he’d woken up that day. Because, in his words, at his age, nothing was certain. After he died, I couldn’t bear the sound of a message that wasn’t from him. So I changed my text alert which did help.
Dad loved the garden birds and had a robin who would steal the worms when he was digging on his allotment. It was so tame that it sometimes landed on his spade too. I like to think that when I see a robin now, it’s Dad keeping an eye on me. And robins are everywhere so it’s quite a comfort. People think I’m nuts when I say “Hi Dad” to a bird in the woods!
Stay strong. Grief really sucks but it’s the price to pay for having loved a Dad so dearly. And we were all lucky to have had one of those. :heart:


Hi @Eham

I am very sorry for your loss. I can totally sympathise with you.

I suddenly lost my Dad in January 2022 too, after he fell and hit his head.

I still wake up some days and think oh I haven’t spoken to Dad in a while I will ring him on my way home from work and then remember he isn’t here anymore and it hits me like a sledgehammer.

I am hoping that things become a little easier as time goes on but he will never be far from my thoughts!

Thinking of you and here to offer support!

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Hi everyone just joined not having great time as lost my dad new year Eve just gone and his birthday is this Thursday does it get easier thanks

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Hi @May1986

So sorry for your loss.

I lost my Dad in January so we are both still in the very early stages of grief.

From the couple of people that have reached out to me, they say it doesn’t get easier but you learn to live with it and find ways through it.

I think the first of everything is going to be the hardest. Maybe think of a way you can pay tribute to him by planting a tree or plant or going somewhere he loved on Thursday. Whatever gets you through the day.

I am dreading father’s day! :cry:

Please reach out, I am here!

Hi, I’m sorry for your loss. I really am, and for once in my life I can say that knowing exactly how it feels. I lost my dad suddenly too, I’m not really sure what’s worse, suddenly or at least half expected. I still have little moments where I’ve forgotten and will go to call him then realising I can’t. I’m not sure that it ever gets easier, you just learn to live with it I guess. X

Hi May, I’m so sorry for your loss. My dads birthday was about a week after he passed so it still hadn’t really processed then, all I can suggest although it’s so hard is just try to make his day as positive as possible, really make everything in memory too him which I’m sure he would of loved. Sending lots of love x

I am dreading Father’s day too. It is my birthday very soon but I am not celebrating this year. My dad died very suddenly on 24th April after a failed resus attempt. I actually got through yesterday without crying but the tears are not far away. Everything is so raw. I am a nurse and thought I knew what bereavement was. Boy, how wrong was I?? I hope that it will make me a better nurse in the future. I am here for all of you and will help in any way I can. If you have questions about care I am here for you. God bless everyone xxx

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Hi @beth21

Thanks for reaching out. I am truly sorry for your loss too.

I totally agree not sure what is worse, sudden or suffering through an illness. But either way it is horrendous. I will never forget the day Dad died, my heart shattered into millions of pieces and each day I am putting it back together. Some days are harder than others.

I also go to ring him every now and then and realise I can’t. I don’t like change but I drive 3 hours to and from work everyday. I recently applied for a job closer to home and then started stressing out about the interview. When that used to happen Dad would calm me down and say he was proud of me no matter what but I didn’t have him to do that which panicked me more! Mum was amazing and helped me through it and I got the job but still was so hard without him to celebrate with!

Just not sure when it gets easier or when we start to live with it! Everything seems so much harder without him!

Hi Beth I feel your pain. My heart is totally broken and I will never ever be the same person again. I still think about phoning him too and then remember he is not there. I get so desperate that sometimes I think about seeing a clairvoyant, which I am dead set against but there are some days when I would sell my soul just to speak to my darling daddy again

Hi @Anne1501

I am very sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad suddenly in January so know what you are going through.

I think the first of anything is going to be hard without him, birthdays and father’s day especially.

I don’t think anyone or any profession can prepare you for the rollercoaster of emotions grief puts you through and you need to know it is OK not to be OK and cry as much as you want, it is all part of the process.

Please reach out if I can help in anyway, we are all here for each other!

I feel this so deeply. I lost my Mum, who was my everything, in March and the unreal feeling is awful. Still feel like she is going to magically reappear as if it was a test or bad joke.

Today was the first time I actually woke up and had a moment where I’d forgotten she’d gone and it clicked back in - horrendous