Dad i want you back

i cant cope. it will be 6 month tomorrow. my dad went suddenly after a heart surgery to have stents he had a cerebrral hemorrhage i cant believe i wrote that because i can barely think about it witjout breaking down. i am his only child. i have 4 children and my mother is 77 and i have her living next door and care for her too and her grief is my grief also . my dad was only just 71 very healthy did a lot. but did smoke
however i do dream about him a lot is that qla sign. he hugged me in my last dream and said he was in tje middle astral plain. that gave me comfort. anyone else have dreams so vivid.


Sorry for your loss.
I think everyone has dreams to some extent after losing a loved one.
If the dreams help you and you find comfort in them, embrace them

@Dawn11 Sorry about your Dad. I have vivid dreams about my Dad too, he died in March & when I wake, I think it’s all been a dream until reality sets in. It’s funny but I seem to dream more about him now than when he’d just died. The only solace I have is coming here to be amongst people who are all experiencing this crap. :cry:

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