dad passed and can't cope

Well I never thought I would be writing on here.
My dad passed away on the 5th of July from COPD and heart failure,he was shielding from covid19 and I had not seen him properly for four months,I feel so angry I was robbed of precious time that I can no longer get back.
I have a six year old daughter who never got a last hug from her grandad or I for that matter.
It still doesn’t seem real and he is going to walk back into the house,some days I feel ok the next I am angry and frustrated.
I don’t know how to deal with this and it’s tearing me up inside.

Hi hun im so so sorry for your horrendous loss it’s heartbreaking my loss it’s completely different from yours but I assure you that you will get people on the forum who understand and can talk to you In the same or similar situations this site had been a godssend to me and saved me and I’ve made a few dear friends too again im so so sorry for your loss it’s horrendous take care of yourself and your loved ones sending you a hug from one broken heart to another Adele x :broken_heart:

Thank you for the kind reply and words,it’s really nice of you x

No problem at all hunni I promise you stick with the forum you will get replies advice and some comfort again im so so sorry for your loss it’s utterly devastating in my thoughts and prayers stay safe x

Hi Rachie, It is awful to lose your parent, and especially awful if you couldn’t see them before they died. And then you also have a daughter who has lost her granddad. It has only been a few weeks for you, so it is going to be very raw right now. In time, you should start to feet a bit better, but it can be a very slow process. I lost my dad in April and I am still not doing very well, but there are others who are able to get on with day to day life after a few months. Talking to people definitely helps, so you have come to the correct place.

It is really hard and I know it’s only been a couple of weeks but it’s really overwhelming me atm,it wasn’t expected and with what’s going on in the world it’s just made it that bit harder,we are taking things day by day and also trying to help my little girl which is hard when my own grief is swallowing me up,thank you for the reply and I hope you are doing ok under the circumstances.