It’s going to be a year on monday the 1st march when my dad passed away and I havnt grieved over my dad as i still grieving over my brother as it’s been 8 years now he has gone but I can hear his voice in my dreams.

Also sometimes my dad am I being stupid, have any one else had this happen to them?

Dear Suzann,

Nothing is stupid when you are grieving.
You have lost 2 people you were close to.
The loss of your dad may well have re-opened the ‘old wound’ from losing your brother.
Did you get any support 8 years ago and 1 year ago? How old was your brother when he died?

Sometimes our dreams are just dreams, and don’t mean anything, but there can also be times that whatever is lingering in our mind comes to the surface in dreams.
I have read quite a few posts on this site from people about dreams.
For some of them it helped to write them down or talk about them.
Do the dreams scare you or are they comforting?

Are you doing anything on Monday in memory of your dad, and do you have someone you can share this with? My sisters and I usually post something on our Facebook pages and on our Whatsapp group on days like that.

It is good that you have joined this online community. I hope it will help you to read posts and replies from other people.


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Hi jo

My brother was 25 years old when he passed away and didnt get no help with grieve when he passed and same with my dad passing.

I have got my partner who I talk to he know about my dad year he passed on monday. But I find it hard talking to him about it as it hurts when I talk about them both.

Yes sometime my dreams can be scary and comfort that I scream in my sleep and wake partner up.

When it was my brothers first 3 years I put stuff on Facebook then I stopped doing it.

I will put something on Facebook for my dad but I find it hard to talk to any one about them.

It just seems like I push every one away who is trying to help me.

It is good to know that you do have your partner and others who do want to help you. If they really care about you, they wont let you push them away. Maybe you can let them know that you appreciate their offers of help, that at the moment you are not ready to talk about things, but that you will let them know when you are. Only you can decide when sharing your experiences and feelings with the risk that it upsets you is better than trying to deal with it on your own. There is no right or wrong, and no ‘set time’ for things.