Yesterday was a difficult emotionsl day
1 year since i since i flew out to my dads house to clear out his home :broken_heart:broke my heart
Even sent msg to my brother about it been 1 year since we went over to our dads house together he didnt even answer me we barerly talj now
Dont think anyone remembered but I did
Cannot forgot
Im going to fly back over soon myself but will feel so strange not going to my dads house😢
But will see remembrance book lay beautiful posy
But rather he was here
Quite tearful emotional last night

Hello S47, I feel for you, any anniversaries can and do bring back all the emotions and heart break that we seem to think have subsided but as we know never goes away. On this site we all have had those days and personal I plan what I am going be doing on those special days just on the hope that I can get through. The following days can be bad but after a while you regain some control over your emotions. Bless you for sharing and I am sending you big hugs. S xx