9 days ago I lost my dad. My best friend. My absolute world. It was an expected death. Given 3-6 months to live. It was still a shock.

I know this may sound stupid but how do you grieve?

Everyone says to me that I need to grieve and I don’t know how to.


Hi I lost my mum Dec 30th and I don’t know how to grieve except cry endless tears.Nothing can ease the pain I am feeling at the moment as she was my best friend.I cannot even get my head around how I am supposed to grieve for such an inspirational mum.I know life goes on but for what Everything I feel is now pointless.So sorry for my negativity but I just don’t know where to start grieving because when I think about ways to help me or read about what perhaps I should I just collapse into a crying mess again
Just keep posting here whenever you feel you can Someone will always reply and they will know what to say to you.I usually post late at night when my grief is the worst and there’s no one at home to talk to.It’s good to write down your feelings etc and know that so many others are going through the same as you.Nothing will bring the person back no matter what we try to do or say or write but by god it helps to write down how we feel and to have messaged back from people who know exactly how you are feeling is priceless.
Am. thinking of you and feel free to keep in touch
Deborah x


Hi Bev25,

I’m very sorry for the loss of my your dad.

I lost my father in November shortly after a cancer reoccurance and it was a terrible shock to lose him so quickly.

As your loss is so recent you may be in a bit of shock. In the first week or so after dad’s death I felt very sad but I don’t think it had really hit me that he was gone. It’s very surreal.

Prior to losing dad I had never lost anyone this close to me and I had no idea what grief felt like. I don’t think there is a right way to grieve, I think it is very individual and it will lead you. I have found that my emotions fluctuate throughout the day. I can function and sometimes I feel ok and this can then quickly change and I feel angry or sad. I am just allowing myself to feel whatever it is that I feel and I am trying to not put too much pressure on myself.

Not sure if any of that makes sense.


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