I’ve been to the cemetary everyday since the funeral and it still doesnt feel real,when i’m there at the cemetary i dont find the comfort i thgt i may,its back at your house,where we have all our memories,i cant bare to think it may be taken away aswell.
I dont understand sis’s threats,accusations,name calling,but she said she cant seem to form any kind of rship atm(as shes fallen out with others too).
This is the opposite to what you and mom wanted.
I hope you know,i hope you can see.xx

Hi CR73,
So sorry to heard about your dad. My dad passed away 5 weeks ago. I struggle to tell people that he has died and tend to tell them he passed away instead as it still doesn’t feel real that he had died. For some reason saying he has passed away seems less final to me. I have seen my dad once in the hospital and twice in the chapel of rest since he passed. I’ve also attended his funeral yet it still doesn’t seem real that it is MY dad. I don’t have any siblings so can’t offer advice in that respect however I like to think that our loved ones are always with us and know and understand what is happening here with us and our lives.
Take care
Vicky xx


@Vix1 I can’t say “died” either. I have to say “we lost my dad” if I tell anyone. And whenever I tell anyone the pain intensifies, as though saying it out loud means it really happened. Its bizarre that we know everyone has to die and accept it when it happens to all our other relatives, but I can’t process that my dad actually died. How is it possible that he is gone?

@Jack3 I know what you mean about saying it out loud means that it has really happened. Whenever someone says it or I have to say it I am hit with the reality of it all over again and the realisation that I wont see him again. I work in a hospital and unfortunately over the years have come across many people that have sadly died, but saying the word for my dad is just so different. I’m like no that’s not what has happened to my dad. Even coming on here and talking about him like this doesn’t seem real.
Vicky xx

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Hi vicky
Yes i also describe it as passing away,not died.
Such a big void in my life now,i want to go and speak to him,and hear the things he told me.
I feel theres no one to trust or genuinely talk to anymore.
Thankyou for sharing a small part of how you feel.

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