Hi dad
What would you make of the happenings lately? How things in the family are changing,its horrible,i hate it.
Sis is trying to take over,i know shes the oldest so prob feels shes now the ‘head’ of the family,but i dont look to her for her guidance,i never did,it was you and mom. She tells me exactly what she thinks and i feel her controlling elements,and i keep thinking of your words you said to me when you were here dad.
None of whats happened/happening is how we hoped it would be,we’ve tried-time and time over,but it will always boil down to her jealousy of our r’ships.
I loved your positivity dad,your loyalty,your trust,your gentleness,your understanding,your exceptance,your strength,your bravery,your peace,your knowledge,your teachings,your happiness from the simplest of things. I will strive to be like you,and stand up for what i believe,dad.x

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