Dad's Birthday today. Omg hard times

It’s that time of year and its your dad’s birthday. Feeling depressed again and aniexty started. He would have been 63 today. I miss you dad so much. I’d love to hear your voice and see you and Put my arms around you for a Hug. Thank you dad for raising me up and making me who I am today. You left us all and had to make a big decision to stop all the medicines and treatments and I understand why you did it. It was to stop the family from suffering and stop seeing you in pain and struggling. You was the most amazing caring and supportive dad in the whole world. Family was your most important thing in your life and you would do anything for us. Thank you dad and happy birthday.

I love you with the whole of my heart and miss you so much.

David x x x


@Ward1979 thinking of you and your family today :heart: am always here for a chat sending you lots of love and strength, your dad will be so proud of the man you have become xxxxxx

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Thanks Lorraine89 hope your ok love. Im just having a bad day and had no sleep x

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Hey @Ward1979, I’m not too bad thankyou , we are all entitled to bad days, just know your not alone :heart: I cant sleep in this heat its unbearable xx

Yes it’s unbearable at minute need a dip in pool x

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Yeah it would! Hope your day has gone gently :heart: xxx