Dad's declining so fast

A bit apprehensive about posting on here really but here goes.
Dad diagnosed on 16th July with S4 lung cancer, doctor advised on Saturday that he has a month to live he’s hospitalised but has gone down hill so quickly losing two stone in two weeks.
He’s very confused and has had a few outbursts and then seconds later it’s like someone has flicked a switch and he’s OK.

Not sure what’s normal to feel but I feel like I’m watching myself through a big window.

Hi Sarah
I am so sorry for your current situation, been there, stay strong. X

Hi Sarah,

I’m so sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis. It sounds as though you are feeling a bit numb, which is normal after such a huge shock. Try to spend time with him and talk to him as much as possible. Be kind to yourself and try to find outlets for your emotions - whether that’s by talking to family and friends or writing things down here. Is the plan for your dad to stay in hospital, or to move home or into a hospice? If you need any advice on organising his care, Marie Curie have a helpline on 0800 090 2309.

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Hi Sarah
Watching a loved one deteriorate towards their end of life is heartbreaking and totally out of our control so there is no ‘normal’ way of feeling, doing or being. Having experienced this myself I believe our mind and body goes into shock to protect us from a complete breakdown and makes us numb to what is truly happening because we are unable to comprehend and absorb the reality. Just be yourself and for now spend your time just loving and supporting your dad in the best way you know how. Your dad already knows how much you love him and just being with him is enough. There is no handbook to guide you through this horrible time but your love and your heart will guide you. Just be the daughter you have always been. That is all your dad needs right now. Grieving will come later and again you will find a way of dealing with it. This is time you can never get back so don’t question anything just show up with a heart full of love

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