Dads funeral

Hi everyone, my dads funeral is this coming wednesday, i have this awful knot in my stomach, im absolutely dreading it, it feels like going through losing him all over again? I know its meant to be closure, but i dont know if i can do this…im not ready to say good-bye…life just carries on and im stuck in this bad nightmare…i cant sleep at all, because when i do i end up having really bad nightmares of dads death…im just not ready for this.


Hi @Clarzie78 Sorry you’re in this pre-funeral stage. I remember being on edge in the days leading upto my Dad’s. The best advice I can give you is to try & preoccupy yourself until then. You’ll be amazed how quickly the actual service goes anyway. You’ll also find an inner strength you never knew you had. I was unsure about being able to do it but people were so kind. Take care. X

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Hello there, So sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. I’m nearly 6 months into this journey. Lost Mum over Christmas and was devastating. We had such a close bond. Like you I was dreading Mum’s funeral and I couldn’t even thing about how I would feel seeing the hearse with my beautiful Mother in a coffin. Surprisingly, I got through it in a way I never thought possible. The celebrant was amazing and it was so comforting seeing friends and family. I miss Mum dearly and I don’t think I wil ever stop missing her, but we are learning to live without her. Some days I just want to scream but other days I feel calm and know Mum is watching over me. We will see our loved ones again I really really believe that . Take care, X


Throughout your life you make plans, but nobody every tells you about the times you are now facing. Not really, because everybody experiencesit differently.
Make sure your celebrant is a good one, ask the funeral home for recommendations. They know which celebrants are best for each occasion.
I know this is hard but the day needs to be a celebration of your dad’s life. He will have had an effect on some many other people in his life time. Gather them around with the celebrant.
At my wife’s funeral near the end the celebrant ask us all to close our eyes and think of my wife. Whilst doing this he told us each memory we were thinking of was specific to us as individuals, no two people in the room had exactly the same memory. That was the effect of my wife on each of us.
I won’t lie to you, it’s going to be hard, but your dad gave you an inner strength that you haven’t tapped into yet.
I hope you find peace, we are always here if you need to chat, vent or just shout at the world.