Dads gone

My dad passed away last week.

We found out 3 weeks before he had pancreatic cancer but we should have had longer. He went into cardiac arrest and it was all very traumatic as he hadn’t had a chance to put his wishes in order.

I miss him so much it hurts. I get married in 10 weeks, something we brought forward for him and he’s not going to be there, that breaks me even more. :broken_heart:

I don’t know how to function now as a 32 year old with no parents. My mum died from breast cancer when I was 9 and it all just feels so terribly unfair right now - that while my friends are losing their grandparents, it’s just my sister and I left.

I have so much family around and a huge community that dad built around us when my mum passed but I don’t know how to look to the future now.

I just miss him so much.

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That sucks you’ve lost your dad but especially as your getting married soon. Just remember he’d be happy your settling. I’m 33 year old woman and never been in a relationship lol. Chin up :slightly_smiling_face:

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He was so excited about it - was talking about it so much in the last few weeks. My partner have been together for 10yrs.

But walking down the aisle alone without him, so soon after he’s gone. I don’t know how I’ll be strong enough

You’ll pleased God be strong enough. Have you tried to explaining it to your partner?

Worth a try he might understand or at least understand if your struggling on the day :confused: how hard it will be for you…

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I have and he lost his mum 2 years ago so has some understanding but I’m not sure you can completely understand til you don’t have any parents.

I think im going to make sure I have some special people able to walk me down the aisle if it’s too much on the day.

But right now, I have waves of despair and waves of numbness. I’m worried I’ll make the wrong decision.

Hi i lost my dad 4 years ago and my mum 6 months ago. The thing is we think our parents are invicible, they are our super hero and will always be there.
They will in away. All the memories, photos, video clips etc and little signs that let you know they are watching over you.
My niece when she got married had large photo frame, with her lost one at her wedding.
I thought it was a nice idea.
I would let someone walk you down the aisle in his memory.
Its an emotional day and your dads passing is fresh.x

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Hi, ive lost both my parents too. My Mum when I was 28 and my Dad when i was 32, im 33 now. Ive been with my partner for nearly 13 years now. My partner and I have spoken about maybe getting married in the future and i said if it does ever happen i want to get my Mums wedding dress altered to a style that is more me, so i can wear that. Then ive had a few ideas of maybe getting a bit of my dads clothing stitched onto the underside of my wedding dress or just wearing jewellery he has bought me. I also like when people take photos of their loved ones they have lost with them to the wedding. They may be gone but they are always in your head and your heart. Your Dad knew your partner and knew you were going to get married so try and hold onto that. I hold onto the fact that both my parents got to know my partner.

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Thank you for your reply, you’re right.

We talked about it lots, a welcome distraction for him maybe but we talked about all the details. there are a few things I’ve thought about already to honour him - particularly because it is so fresh.

Honestly, the aisle walk is part of the dread. My sister and I are really close but she doesn’t feel right walking with me as she got married last year and I have so much envy of that. I also don’t want to ask one person so it feels like he’s being replaced.

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I think for me id find walking down the aisle on my own much harder. I think I would either get my Auntie or one of my close friends to walk me down the aisle. Its not a replacement for your Dad and never will be, it is someone to give you away that you are close to, someone who supports you in day to day life. Im sure you will find lots of ways to ensure your Dad is remembered during your wedding day.