Dads passing still so painful

I haven’t been on here for a while, but feel like i need to talk to people again, dad passed in January to covid and his passing is just as painful as the day he left us. I can still hear his voice on the last call I made to him while he was on a ventilator in hospital I relive these moments over and over again. I miss seeing his face I miss seeing him sat in his chair. The pain becomes to much sometimes and I feel I can’t hold back my tears and just fall to pieces where ever I am. Seeing my mum broken breaks my heart and I wish someone could fix everything and bring him back.
There are evenings I cry myself to sleep because the overwhelming sadness hits me all over again. I wish I had got to say good bye to hold his hand to tell him what an amazing dad he had been to me.

I just feel so lonely and my heart will be forever broken, I have met some amazingly strong people on here. Keep talking to each other never take each other for granted

Hugs to everyone


I’m so sorry - the pain can be so hard to bear. I take each day as it is, and try not to scare myself by looking too far into the future. For me, it is the loss of my mum in February that is unbearable.
Take care

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I’m so so sorry your mum has passed, I have no words that will ease your pain. Like you said looking into the future now is very scary without our loved ones being there with us. A very sweet person told me the other day that we are so lucky to have had them in our lives we have to keep hold.of that. I feel so lucky to of had such an amazing dad he truly was my hero. I’m crying now so I will have to stop, message me anytime to talk. Take care of yourself

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