Daughters wedding day

I lost my husband two and a half years ago . My daughter gets married in April and I’m struggling with my anxiety thinking how am I going to cope emotionally on the big day day he loved her so very much and couldn’t wait to walk her down the isle . Now it will be me doing it for him I don’t want to break down and ruin everything even writing this I have tears rolling down my face . If anyone has any thoughts to help me or has gone through the same thing I would really appreciate your kind words xx

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Dear @Crystalou

Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding of your daughter. You will be surprised to how you will cope emotionally on the day.

Your husband could be with you as you walk your daughter down the aisle. Just a thought, that the bride could include something small but personal of your husbands into the bouquet so that your husband is with you as you walk your daughter down the aisle.

For example a small photo charm wrapped around the front of the bouquet or any kind of personal charm of your choosing. You could have a smaller bouquet, wrist corsage or brooch with the same charm. In that way your husband will be with you as you both walk down the aisle.

Hope this helps. Keep us updated. Take care.

Pepsi. x