Day 3

Today is day 3 of losing my husband and feel.a tiny bit better still a long way to go but today rang Dr for some help and got appointment on Friday so hopefully taking a step forward heart’s still aching and head still puzzled looking for answers nobody can answer just feeling guilty for living and trying to carry on slept a little bit last night but kept waking up also feeling frightened of what to expect in the coming months /days also managed to eat a tiny bit of food yesterday but not able to do much I feel fine around people but as soon as on own break down again

Hi @Sandieb.

It’s still so early for you . I lost my husband nearly 12 weeks ago and I remember the earlier days . I could hardly function and could not sleep . I felt scared wondering how I was going to cope . Although it’s still very painful it is slightly better and somehow you do manage to get through the days a little easier . I stay with family at weekends so it breaks the week up .