Day & night

I am 8 months in without Rob and although I’m still having my daily weep the mornings are at present my best times because I know Iv got the whole day ahead of me. I suppose as we worked opposite shifts I am more used to being home alone in the day time .
The evenings is when I feel at a loss the most because we were always home together in the evenings and as for night times well they are a different story there is such a void in our bed his side of the bed is untouched although I do still put my arm across Robs side of the bed as if he’s still there .
My 6 year old grandson said to me grandad comes here with you everyday nanny then he goes home when you take me to school because he goes to bed with you every night . Our of the mouths of babes as they say .


What a lovely quote to treasure


Maybe you’re grandson sees his grandads spirit. Its what I’d beleive.

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Children always have the most simplest but true way of seeing things.

I love the fact he said that to be honest they have no filter do they

Dear Kazzer, how lovely. I believe this is true.
I get a sense of my husband in many ways, I really feel it is true, I had tested signs but never can find a physical reason.
I was at a Zoom meeting, there happened to be a medium in the group, people gradually left leaving three of us chatting about the subject of the meeting.
One said she needed to tell me something, she described someone who had been with me all the time, then she came up with actions that left me in no doubt. Even the car when we met and Year.

So I sense, I can still get down when triggered by or not feeling well, then a real hug would be lovely.
I do dream and these can be very comforting.
Children do see as someone else said there are no filters.
Scientists are working on this I think it could help so many, to understand that consciousness continues.

You have a wise grandson!

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