Day Zero

I lost my love Ken of 36 years 5 weeks ago today. Been keeping going somehow but yesterday was his funeral.

We had such a special day with a huge turnout and the service was just lovely (non religious), then a fabulous celebration at our local.

When I got home to my empty house I just had a meltdown and when I woke up this morning I thought that this is just the first real day of my new normal and I just dont know how I’m going to get through.

I started work again last week, but limited hours and working from home. Thought it would help but it overwhelmed me a bit but I think they are expecting a bit more from me from now on and I’m not sure how to deal with it

Everyone wants to take me out or keep me company but it doesn’t help when the one person you only want to be with has gone for good :sob:


I have John’s funeral to get through this month and I think the feelings you had are what I expect to feel.
I am dreading the evening after being with friends and family and I dont think I realise
how different life will be and that I will never see him again
I hope we can all get through these very difficult times and I wish some sort of happiness in the future to you all
Love xx


Shelley it will take time to process it, I’m nowhere near it yet
Can’t even start to remember the good times yet, it just hurts too much.