Days of sadness

My husband died on the 20th January initially I had numbness very few tears then I started to have moments of feeling ok but over last two weeks I’m just overwhelmed by sadness and emptiness I am able to function and have good friends and family but I just feel I’m going through the motions and question why I’m here I wouldn’t do anything to harm myself I couldn’t do that to my family but I can’t cry or concentrate I used to love reading but my concentration is not there nothing gives me any pleasure seeking advice Thankyou

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Hi @Angiepops, I’m sorry for your loss, what you are feeling is normal it’s not even six months for you yet.
I’m 15 months since my husband died, my concentration has gone, I don’t watch TV much now and reading nowhere near as much as I used to.
Music is the only thing I listen to alot now as you can loose yourself and not much thinking needed.
I still work but even that is a struggle, I don’t enjoy it as much as I used too.
Our whole world has imploded and that will take alot of learning to live on our own, and I don’t think we ever will get used to that.
Sending love
Debbie X


@Angiepops I can relate to a lot of what you say.

My lovely husband died suddenly and unexpectedly approximately 7 weeks after yours.

I too, am going through the motions in a state of hazy disbelief.

I do cry - not for hours on end, but I cry.

My concentration is also not good.

I can sit and watch a TV programme or read a chapter of a book and not have a clue what it was about at the end as it’s very difficult to engage - so, I don’t even try -unless it’s something important that needs attention to detail - like driving the car!

I can relate too to OK “moments”.
When people ask how I am I say that some moments are better than others - I haven’t got as far as days, yet.

Those who “know”, because they’ve trodden this sad pathway before us, tell me it’s early days.

I think, for us Angie, we are still at the survival stage.

All we can do is keep plodding on and hopefully those good moments will start to overtake the not so good.