Dealing with nasty siblings

I never got on with my 2 sisters I was always the invisible child the older one used to treat me like dirt and make snide remarks she is pure evil the other one is a 2 faced bitch.I have now blocked and ceased contact I will not tolerate abuse and bullying it got really nasty after my mother died I lost dad December 2021 mum January 2022. Mum and Dad used to stand up for me now I have no one I was my mother’s and father’s carer for 10 years they did nothing and they have the arrogance to take mums jewellery and they gave me mums keyrings I despise them.

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Oh Kate, how sad and horrible for you and my thoughts and blessings are being sent to you. Death does bring out the worst in some people but this sounds like it was happening before, not good. I certainly feel for you and understand how horrible and upsetting it is. Please take care of yourself and remember the good times with your parents, it’s those special moments that are important to you now. S xx