Death at a wedding

My dad died suddenly at my nieces wedding last December, his oldest granddaughter. Even though I’m devastated and shocked. I want to help her get over it and not associate her 1st wedding anniversary with his death. They did manage to bring him back but we turned the life support off 2 days later. So technically he didn’t die on her wedding day but you know what I mean

I’m so sorry to hear that your dad died after collapsing at your niece’s wedding, that is so sad. It’s very kind of you to think about your niece’s feelings and want to help her. Have you talked to her about how she feels about it? Most likely she will miss your dad as well.

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Hi Mac17. I am so sorry to hear about your dad & I know exactly what your going through. My dad also died at my sister’s wedding reception but 34 years ago now. He was 59 years old. It is a shock when someone goes unexpectedly and something you will never forget. I can’t really give you any advice other than he didn’t suffer. In August of this year I watched my mother dying at home in her bed. To see her suffering, not eating or drinking, looking so thin and frail was really awful.
Did your dad ‘die’ at the reception too?
I’m afraid your Niece will always associate her wedding anniversaries with his death. But it will get easier.