Death of a nephew

I lost my nephew 29 August

Hello. I am so sorry for your loss. The loss of any family is so sad. How old was your nephew? You must have been very close but we on this site will understand how you are feeling. You can use us to rant and rave at, to pour your heart out or just a comforting chat. Sending love and a big hug to comfort you. Xx

My nephew was 25 and killed hit and run on his motor bike . I was very close to him as I pretty much brought him up from the age of 7 when he lost his dad to a bike accident . I’m so lost and dunno how to get through this alone

What a terrible thing to happen. I really am so sorry. Please know that you are not alone, there are so many of us here who will understand your grief. I lost my husband very suddenly in June 2017. How I’ve come this far, I have no idea but I have and so will you. I write a journal to my husband which helps. Perhaps this is something you could do to your nephew, telling him how you’re feeling and everyday stuff etc. Also keep reading/posting on this site, it’s been a great comfort to me. Big hugs. Xx

I just feel everyday is like the first day and just can’t shift that feeling and I know it will take time but this time around it’s never felt so painfull everything I do