Death of husband

In July my whole world fell apart my partner of 39 years and husband for the last 6 years died from stomach cancer he was only told in June he would have about 4 weeks to live and it was just 4 weeks, we did everything together we were so close my heart ids broken in pieces and the grief is unbearable, I have cried every day for the last 15 weeks and don’t know how I am am going to get over it, friends try to help but they don’t realise what it’s like when you just don’t want to go on without the one you live


Hi David
Im so very sorry that you’ve lost your lovely partner. I hope you’ll get some comfort from these pages- knowing everyone on here is going through similar very difficult feelings and that they will understand whatever you say, has been a great comfort to me so far. My partner Sunny died suddenly in June aged 57. We loved each other so much and I miss him terribly. Please take one day at a time. There is no easy way to navigate this journey that none of us want to be on, but do let your friends help you- spend time with them so you’re not alone all the time- that does help me alot. There is a great book called It’s OK That You’re Not OK, written by a psychologist who lost her husband. It’s very helpful for the person grieving and their friends too.
Wishing you love and peace x


So sorry for your loss, I also lost the love of my life in May, he was 38 years old, we were together 17 amazing years and 2 children later. He too had cancer but bone cancer, hed been diagnosed from 2012 its been a long and hard journey and no matter how long you know they may or may not have nothing prepares you or makes it easier. In the beginning when someone passes away there is so much to do and sort out, so now 5 months later im only just trying to grieve but its not easy. After sorting every thing out I also wouldn’t let the thought of him not being here enter my mind as it was too shocking to realise so I suppressed my grief for a while. I do cry when I think of him and I’ve found my self feeling like I’ve got no patience at times as I’m building up the grief and not letting it out properly, this is because I partly have to try and get on woth normal life as there’s alot to do in normal life.
Have you looked in to using a councillor at the hospice if your partner used one ? I use the hospice where my husband stayed near the end, ill be honest it does help to a point as you’ve talked out how you’re feeling but you feel like no one can help you at the same time . I feel very very low at the moment.

Thank you for your reply, I go to Maggies bereavement centre close to Christie cancer hospital, it really helps going there but nothing can ever replace the person I loved more than anything the world, we were so very very close we did everything together and now he’s gone I am so lonely and sad.

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