death of husband

My husband died suddenly in front of me on the 23rd August. I am so lost. We did everything together and he looked after me so well. Every day just gets worse as the reality sets in and I have to start contacting companies and transferring things because he has died. I have lots of family support but find I just dont really care about any of them at the moment. I have 2 adult kids and 2 adult step kids and they are all great but I find my mindset is sorting out monies, insurance and the house for the kids so I can go join my husband. I dont want this less half life. It is just too hard.

I love and miss him so much.

What you have written, to the very letter, could easily have been written by me!
Despite the fact that I’m two years down the line from you decca, still, all I can think of is my husband, he is the only thing I want and despite the fact that I have children who really care about me, I can hardly think about them, nor my friends
Today is the second anniversary of my husbands funeral he died on 21 august

im sorry to hear that! it wont get any better will it!

was it sudden with your husband?

For decades he had been treated for asthma but one year before he died, following a scan, they realised he’d been misdiagnosed and in fact had pleural thickening caused by asbestos… following his diagnosis, he lived 12 and a half months
At this point I can’t see it getting any better, I hope I’m wrong
I gather you are struggling, it’s very early days, but it sounds to me as if your husband…like mine …was your protector?
I feel like a frightened child to,be honest