Death of my dad

I’m really struggling with the loss of my dad, when he passed I thought I was dealing with it well but a year on and I feel worse now than I did when he passed


Hi Kazza, I do think that sometimes the first year anniversary is really hard, you realise that this is your new reality and it’s very hard to accept, my heart goes out to you, sending you love and hugs, Jude xx

Thank you jude, appreciate your kind words xx

I am sorry for your loss, Kaza. It would be very painful for you. I should experience this as well, I lost my dad too, 4 months ago, I am not coping well. But what is now most frightening for me is my mum’s non-coping, how to help her, when I am on the floor too. Have you got any relatives who can help you?

Sorry for ur loss its really hard, my grief is worse now than wen I lost him a year ago, my mum is very lonely so I spend alot of time n do alot for her… xx

Hi Kazza, I totally understand how you feel, I lost my father in September and feel totally lost everyday, the littlest thing will set me off, I’m here if you need or want to chat :heart: