Death of my mum

I just came back from a few days away with the wife and kids to be rang up the next day to say my mum had passed finding it hard to cry and just don’t know how I’m going to be on the day of my mum’s funeral knowing I’m never going to see her again

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I’m so sorry you are going through this. You could still be in shock.
I’m sorry you are on this journey too.
Take each day by day and let it flow. Be easy on yourself.

I lost my mum nearly four weeks ago. I am with you on this awful journey.

I lost my mum 6 weeks ago,i to am on this journey.i feel physically unwell.feel full of anxiety across my back and chest,heartburn,lack of sleep,crying all the time

How are you both feeling xx

I’m doing ok I suppose have to be strong coz it’s what my mum would have wanted plus at least she got 4 grandkids who miss her so much and are always asking for her

I have 3 daughters aswell that are keeping me going.did any of you get physical symptoms with your grief.i now know what heartbreak feels like xx

Hi I lost my Mum on the 29/4 I take things hour by hour atm

So sorry to hear that you’re on this journey too. It’s awful and heartbreaking. A vicious circle of anger. Acceptance. Denial and panic.
I hope you are coping ok.

Have you experienced this to? The tight chest,the worry the tingly anxious feeling unable to relax xc

I wanted to cry the day I found out my mum had died but just couldn’t then last week on the day of my mum’s funeral I just broke down in tears couldn’t hold it back any longer

Yes. It’s a terrible feeling. I’m not sure how it will hey better to be honest.

Get. Sorry

It’s ok the other hardest part was hearing my 4 year old crying and saying I want nanny back

Oh god love your little one.
It’s the hardest thing.

Bless youngest is 9 and she was saying why did it happen to do anything to have her back.ive lost people in my family and nothing feels like this xx

Nothing at all.
I feel empty and lost.

Like many of you say. The kids keep us going but also their questions are heartbreaking.

How is everyone coping? Is anyone seeking some support,have plenty of family around you? Xx

I’m not coping very well these last few days. It’s been five weeks. I feel lost. But this forum is helping. Hope you’re all ok

I was doing ok untill the last few days to.i think you go into a form of shock then all of a sudden your body starts to struggle when you dont expect it. X

I think you’re right. I been sobbing loudly. Uncontrollably. I think I’m worse now than when it happened