Death of my son

Its coming the first anniversary of my sons death on the 24th of November, I’m dreading it ,he was my only child and i miss him so much,its been a hard year

Dear Charliedan.
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son and I know how you must be dreading the anniversary. My son died 6 months ago tomorrow and I am finding this difficult enough so the idea of reaching a year is terrifying. I do not know where the last 6 months has gone and I am sure you seek the same about a year. I think a lot of it has past in a bit of a blur. It has been the longest and quickest 6 months of my life, I know this sounds strange but it seems an eternity since I last saw my son and yet the memory of the news of his accident is still so raw that it only seems like yesterday. I do not know how I have got through the last 6 months, but I have and as I anticipate Christmas then his birthday and then the anniversary that you are currently facing, I know it is going to be a difficult journey, one which I wish I and no one else was on.
Life is difficult without our children, to me each day is the same, just another one to get through, but get through we must as that is what our sons would want. I will be thinking of you on the 24th.
Take care

Dear Charliedan and Jan P. I am so very sorry for what you are going through and I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling. My husband died three years ago and I still grieve for him but we had a very long and happy life together so I consider myself to have been blessed, but to see your children die before you is an absolute nightmare. My mum watched my sister die at a young age from Ovarian cancer and and I honestly do not know how she survived, she had also lost our dad many years earlier. I am at the moment seeing my friend go through the heartache of watching her son die of cancer, she lost her husband 20 years ago from the same disease. Mothers going through this heartache and still surviving must be the strongest people in the world I honestly do not know If I would survive if this happened to me. There is nothing more anyone can say under these circumstances because how can you say it will get better in time when it won’t. I just pray to God that you will find some kind of peace in the coming years. I am so very sorry. Sheila xx

There is nothing I can say to ease the sheer fear of the lead up to the anniversary. The pain and emptiness cannot be described in words alone. It must be so much harder being on your own. I know you can bearly think of anything else right now and how you will survive the next weeks let alone the day itself. I have endured 2 anniversaries and the lead up is indescribable (just like other significant days). Make a plan of how you will mark the anniversary. I know your mind will be all over the place. Just let everything happen, it’s going to anyway, just like all the other days since our precious children left us. Love will see you through. Love conquers all. I can say that you will feel a sense of relief when it’s over. Things are so strange in our world. X

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It’s three years since I lost my son who took is own life I am still finding it hard to cope my thoughts are always thinking about him I don’t want to be bothered any advice would be good

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