I am struggling so bad I lost my husband Michael aged 53 suddenly 6 months ago we we’re together 40 years my heart breaks every day for him am so lost I miss every about him


I am so sorry for your loss
It is agony, isolating and you feel as if no one understands - the aloneness in bereavement is the worst
But there are lots of us out here who do understand
We’ve all been there and are still struggling now
Thinking about you and sending real hugs
Keep posting

Does the pain ever ease of a bit am totally broken without my Michael we have a wonderful family but they are struggling so bad as well as they weren’t expecting there dad to die makes it harder is they can’t find a cause for his death so this breaks our hearts

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So sorry for your loss Debbie I lost my partner Michelle in February she fell down the stairs on 7 February I found her when I came home from work so tragic I could not do nothing for her 15 years together gone miss her every day so lost memories will keep me going take care Debbie xxxx

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It is so hard without Michael and Christmas is coming up I don’t think I can celebrate it without him here I don’t know how to go on my heart aches so much

Ah Debbie. I’m so terribly sorry for your pain. I lost my husband of 35 years very suddenly, 2 weeks ago. I cannot bear the thought of Christmas, he loved it so much. I just want to hide away until it’s all over with.

Yes the same as me my Michael loved everything about Christmas he cooked dinner he would sing Christmas songs dance just everything I just can’t face it without him 40 years together am broken x

It’s horrific isn’t it? I don’t know how we’re supposed to cope with this amount of pain. It’s often overwhelming. I have 3 very supportive children and they all have children. I don’t want them to come to my house with no decorations up but the thought of putting any up without him makes me feel ill.


I am the same my daughter her partner and there baby moved back home to be with me she was a daddies girl and misses him so much also we also have 3 adult boys and another 6 grandchildren they were Michaels world he fought so hard to stay once they told him he was dying the hard part is not knowing what caused his death they checked him for everything and nothing could they find I said how are we supposed to live with this 53 years old and not here anymore my pain is just to much I just keep thinking every day that passes is a day closer to be with my Michael x