Delayed Greif pain

The most random feeling of pain came over me today. I lost my mum nearly 20 years ago now. She died of a sudden brain haemorrhage in my arms at Christmas time.

Her birthday is 25th Jan and I just had a very brief thought about it. And started getting sad about all the missed celebrations we’ve had. I’ve never had the chance to spoil her on a birthday as an adult. And it just hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had these feelings that it’s really taken me by surprise and I feel so silly and like I can’t say it to my family because it’s been so long. Just wanted to reach out to see if it helps me to put it in writing.

Just reaching out to see if anyone has experienced anything similar and how they dealt with it?

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Aww, I’ve just recently lost my mum before Xmas. I’d imagine I’ll feel this terrible heartache forever but please don’t think your silly, how you feel sounds completely valid to me. Sending hugs x

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Thanks for your reply.
I promise it gets easier. I can go months sometimes without feeling at all sad. And most the time I think of her it’s to remember all the good times we had. But todays feelings have come totally out of the blue and I just felt so sad!


I really hope I will feel that way in time, I feel heartbroken and suicidal every day, though I would never do anything like that as I don’t believe you get reunited with your loved ones if u do that. Plus I couldn’t put my family or baby daughter through what I’m going through.

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Aww it’s so hard. I’m here if you need anyone to talk to. Please reach out if it ever gets too much. My only advise for now is take each day as it comes. You’ll get there. Lean on people around you and make sure to get professional help if if all gets too much.