…like many people on here, I had a bad weekend…must be something to do with the improving weather…anyway, this one is a bit personal, so I hope you can relate your own circumstances accordingly…love to everyone :heartpulse:

For fifty years we were as one
In every single way
It was my dreaded nightmare
That you could go away

The thought of living on my own
Without you in my life
Was something not to contemplate
You were my precious wife

Then the hammer blow came true
Just like a twisted knife
You were still here, you were still you
But we both lost our life

The doctors told us you were sick
Lymphoma on your brain
They said we cannot fix you but
You still can live again

They tried so hard to make you well
The care you had was best
We never gave a second thought
You may be laid to rest

At first we thought that all was good
The chemo went as planned
But cancer played it’s evil trick
And dealt another hand

It brought along its toxic friend
Pneumonia the curse
And if we thought the cancer bad
The new attack was worse

Within one day you disappeared
Stolen from this earth
Now I am left a shattered wreck
The nightmare that is worst

I never could imagine just
How hard this trip would be
And every single fibre
Is hurting inside me

I feel as though my very soul
Is being torn apart
And I can’t see that anything
Can mend my broken heart

To contemplate a future now
Without you by my side
Is something I just can’t accept
I’m crumbling inside

What happens next, I do not know
My future looks do bleak
I only know I can’t go on
Disolving week by week

…the longest 2 months of my life were between 22 November 2022 and 22 January 2023…and the nightmare just continues…as it does for everyone on here😪




This broke me , firstly for you :broken_heart:

So much of it fits for me , as in how I feel without Bry. It’s like living in the middle of a never ending nightmare and I hate every second of it .

Sending hugs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


…it’s so hard isn’t it…hugs back :heavy_heart_exclamation:



Sure is!!! Thank you xx🥰

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