Depressed and scared

Hi.havnt posted for a while but have been reading posts.I lost my husband last February and instead of feeling better I feel worse,crying every evening and going through memories in my mind.
2 weeks time I am having a foot operation as I have rhematoid arthritis.i will have my foot in plaster so won.t be able to drive for 6 weeks I am dreading it,it.s lonely enough as it is without being stuck in and not been able to do anything.i am trying to stay positive as at least my foot won’t be painful any more.(hopefully) I have had operations before but husband was always here to help so hard. Sorry about rant

Hi Rainbow 19
Sorry to read that you are struggling a little at present…it is not easy when we have to go through things on our own and that oh so special shoulder is missing but you have come this far and you will get through the op and then your foot won’t hurt as much and that will be one less thing to drag you down!
Sometimes I think we get (understandably) over anxious about things…don’t worry too much about being unable to get out…rather see it as your choice to be at home for a time because your future horizons will then be so much wider.
Wishing you well…please let us know how you get on. Take care x

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Rainbow - rant as much as you need and want
We all need to vent our concerns and how you feel

Do you have good friends and/ or family Lynn that are able and willing to help you?
What I have do nd is that most people want to help and don’t know what to do and don’t know what we want - if you ask them most of the time they feel happy to be able to help
Think this way - if any of your friends asked for help in a similar situation as yours what would be your reaction? … well they also want to be able to be known nd to someone else

Sadie x

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I’ve been thinking about what I have to do if I am ill, injured or have surgery. If you have family/friends don’t be afraid to ask them for any help, even something as simple as going for a short drive…you deserve and need it now…make sure you’re well stocked up with provisions and distractions (books,puzzles,hobbies etc)…It is going to be hard to be housebound but I’m sure a pain free foot will be worth it…I’m so glad I found this site, it is a place that allows me to “rant”…and those that read my words, and the words of others don’t judge, they just understand and care…so rant away !!