My wife passed away 1 Month and 18 days. Still cry every day Literally howl with grief. Found myself a couple of times counting out tablets thinking of ending it.Been honest with my GP and he told it is in a way a Natural Reaction. If I can;t have my Rosa back I want to be with her.
Reading some of the other conversations here and you recognise that you are not the only Heartbroken person.
I still go down Chapel every Sunday and my faith has been a great comfort for me.
So there so many platitudes, time heals, stay strong.And when I think of it comes down this.Each person has his/hers own pain and you have to find your own way to cope.I have taking to writing my thought/memories down.And today I had my first what I would call peacefull period.Just thinking of our Last Holiday up Ullapool in the Highlands, even posted some pictures on Facebook.
I have so many thoughts, so many feelings, That I could ramble on and on,So to every one out there who is struggling with there own Grief, God bless and I will keep you all in my Prayers.


I am so sorry to hear this. I lost my partner 3rd May.
I’m thinking God and likely your wife would want you to carry on? I know it’s hard. Yesterday was awful for me
Have you phoned Cruse Bereavement Care? They are good, I say it a bit. Google it please. Also online you can find out local face to face counseling if you like.
It is awful. I guess we just do minute to minute.
All the preparations and paperwork are stressing me out. Important but I have health issues.
That’s it for now. Hope something I said helped even a bit. I’m probably in an odd mood.

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My wife passed away on 3rd April 2017. Though Helen was ill I never thought she would leave me. I held her hand as she took her last breath I miss her every second of everyday and think of all the plans we had on our semi retirement due to Helen health. I sympathise with you so much and cry most days and think how perfect Helen was in every single way and how much she protected me, supported me and always gave me sound advice. There’s a hole in my heart that aches constantly, she was only 54 and had survived cancer but the treatment took it’s tole on her body. You see we didn’t have kid we just had each other and now there just me. I’m drinking excessively but am seeking advice as i know Helen is still watching me and trying to guide me through this. I need to get through this for Helen as much as my own . I hope your faith helps to sustain you.

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Hi Marc. I lost my husband of 37 years (together almost 41 yrs) on 22nd April after he was admitted to hospital with severe pneumonia. He was put on a ventilator and a few days later a CT scan revealed the cause to be a tumour in his lung which had spread to his bones. He was taken off the ventilator so that he could pass peacefully, which he did with his whole family at his bedside. The shock was so bad that at first I couldn’t take it in and I couldn’t grieve properly. Now I don’t seem to be able to stop. Like you, I have thought about ending it because at times the pain seems just too much to cope with. I think anyone who has had a bereavement has considered this, however fleetingly. Five weeks in to my own bereavement, the pain is getting worse, I miss Keith more every day and there doesn’t seem to be any comfort anywhere. I’m assured that things will get better. We had no children but I still have my mum and Keith’s two sisters have been so supportive. Please stay on here and post whenever you feel the need, because everyone here is going through the same thing and we’ll support you as much as we can. You and I are very early on in this unwanted journey and need all the support we can get.

Take care. Pam xx

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