Anyone who can’t physically get out of bed in the mornings because of their depression?

I have suffered depression in the past and I sometimes do not get out of bed, since losing my precious daughter in August, but I believe I am suffering from grief not depression. This is different.
I cannot see the point in anything since my child died. My bed is a safe place and I resent being disturbed by anything other than my other child.
So yes, unless there is a reason to get up, I do not.
I don’t think this is unusual. Grieving is very personal. Some will keep busy and some will lose all motivation to do anything.
Presumably you have seen your doctor. Do you have some support?
Sending you hugs. You are not alone. Xx

I lost my husband to cancer and kidney failure last May…

Yes seen doctor…Just would like to come out of feeling awful…I feel it’s a combination of depression and grieving…So 2 sad things…It just takes over your life…January blues have been mentioned as well…On the grieving side… Lost husband last May…Times are really hard for me…

Yes. I had depression after I had my daughter 22 years ago. It took me 8 years to get out of it. Now after loosing 5 family members in less than 2 years I’m the worst I’ve ever been. If it wasn’t for the dog forcing me to get up and get him out, I would be in bed all day.
I feel the same as Matella said in this thread, I just don’t see the point anymore in anything. With that said I then feel guilty that I’m alive and their not, I should be living, really living because they can’t.
I can’t get in to see my Gp but am waiting for online therapy. I want to be happy for their sake, but my brain just won’t allow it :frowning:

Our minds have a lot to answer for…If only they would settle and let us get on with living…

Anxiety caused by bereavement can turn into depression so easily. It’s not surprising either. Losing a loved one takes all the energy or mental strength out of us, even though we may not realise it. Depression creeps up on us and we begin to wonder if life’s worth living. There are many prescribed medications that can help and it’s essential to see your doctor at the first onset of the problem. Not everyone gets it, and there is a lot of difference between depression and ‘feeling low’. We are not cold human beings with no emotions. We have to regard whatever feelings we get as normal feelings in the circumstances and to be expected. It’s the severity of the emotions that vary so much from person to person. Mornings is my worst time because now I live alone, my wife died in November last, and the silence in the house really gets to me. I am on antidepressants because that’s how it has hit me. I know it is very early days yet and I have to bear up as best as I can, but it’s hard isn’t it? Occupation of some sort can help, but even that does not block memory. I find even the happiest memories tend to make me cry. Life seems to have passed so quickly and we are left with only memories. There is a poem that says that our loved ones don’t die, ‘Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not dead, I do not sleep’. It goes on to say that everything we see that is of beauty is still there with us including our loved ones. We can never be separated because nature can never be separated. I believe they have entered another dimension to which we all will go and be reunited. We have no concept of that dimension because it’s way beyond our range of understanding. When we also pass then we will know. True Love can’t be lost. It is not possible. Time does not limit it or memory lose it. It transcends time and space. Us humans put limits on things and time to us means a passing of events. But what I am talking about has no limits is space or time. So we are never separated from anyone; they are still there and can often make their presence felt. Blessings.

Yes it is hard bloody hard. It’s been 7 months since Margaret died and it does feel like there is no point to anything. I do work and that gives me a bit of structure but the absolute loneliness is unbearable. I still have My daughter living with me but she is due to move to her own home in March. This time last year there was 5 of us all rattling around our home come March it will just be me. I have never lived alone in my 52 years so no idea how that will go.
Take care

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Hi Ebony, thats just how im thinking too, my hubby passed in december n its so hard, but i feel guilty about eating, i have lost 2 stone through this ,i no longer cook for myself i have online delivery from supermarket, i buy ready meals for 1, but hate eating alone, nothing tastes the same and i have a couple of fork fulls then thow the rest of the meal away, im booked in to see dr on thursday ,just hoping i get some help ,i thought i could handle this grief my own way, but oh no ime going backwards not forwards, sending u a big hug x

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Hi Jonathan, i can relate to this in a way, sorry for your loss too, i lost my hubby in december, we had 9 short happy years together, but through the day im fine, i try to keep busy, doing the same things over and over, its awful having a quiet house, even tho i have 4 dogs to keep me company, i sit and cry buckets at my worst time of day, which is the night time, so long and lonely now, just be glad when the lighter nights are here , take care x

aww bless , i truly hope you can adjust to living on your own, i have been on my own since my hubby passed in december, and i hate it to be honest, he was 59 same age as myself, but i try to take 1 day at a time, and im hoping it gets easier as the months roll on, but i think about him every day, and when i look back on happy memories that sets me off crying buckets of tears, why is this new journey in life so unfair, sorry for your loss too, take care x.