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After speaking with community manager Aife, I have been given permission to post about a university project I am currently undergoing.

I am an industrial design student at Northumbria University in my final year. For my final major project I would like to use technology we have today to help with the process of grieving. I am attaching a link which will take you to my different forms, one is a questionnaire about grief, the other is a contact details form.

If you are up for speaking on the phone that would be really appreciated and then you can fill out the contact details form. If you are willing to answer a few questions about grief anonymously, that would also be so helpful for me and I would be incredibly grateful of it.

I want to thank Aife for allowing me to post here, I have been reading through some of the posts in the past couple of days and I have been really touched by them, I have not lost someone close to me so I cannot truly understand what you are going through, but I am very sorry for your losses.

This is the link to the forms.

My regards,


Grief is a word that trigger many feelings.

It is hard enough to deal everyday with the pain of losing a loved one.

In reality you CANNOT LEARN about it until you feel it.

Trying to learn well in that case you could read books about grief. text book.

Don’t kmow what exactly you trying to learn or what you want to learn but i can say that nothing you read in book or hear would give you the idea how much
A person go through and how hard is to live.



What Devi said… you can learn and master all the languages in the world yet no words can come even close to describing the true feelings of grief.

You have to experience it yourself to understand it but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


Hi Devi,

Thank you, that helped me.

My regards,


Thank you Riley

I will try to do this another time. I think its good you study this topic.
I’ve had a rough night, long periods of lying awake shaking, not even aware I’m crying but my face and bed wet with tears so I’ve just got up to lie on the couch a while instead.

I miss my husband so much, missing is not really a strong enough word as I try to think about other things because I have to clean up something or text someone well meaning asking how I am but though I manage to do these things I am just consumed by this feeling shaking in the core of me. Nothing is ok, nothing is fine.

I start to forget how he was. He feels like a fantasy already, was he really like this or am I filling in gaps because I forgot something I’ll never remember… The photos all over the house don’t even look like me when I have my body here for reference so how can they him. It was another life, I can never be that person again, smiling, eyes shining with joy instead of tears.

Sometimes I try to pretend he wasn’t as good as I’m thinking or try to remember a row (not very many as we were in sync about most things) just to lessen the pain. Each of my breaths is laboured and I feel physical pain thoughI have no physical condition. I can hear my cat puking and cannot be bothered to get off the couch to clean it up. we used to be so houseproud of our home we made together but when its like this I just can’t. I’m waiting all the time but I don’t know what for. Waiting for him to come home maybe but he won’t.

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