I’m failing I don’t have any family or friends,I’ve still got Covid-19,but it’s easing 2nd time around, existing is getting harder I really don’t think I can take much more,I’m now down to 9 stone nothing fits me anymore,not eating and sleeping,I’m so sorry xx

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Don’t ever be sorry. Would Lucy want this for you? She wouldn’t. You know she wouldn’t. You do have friends. We are your friends and we care about you. Please have a piece of toast at least. One piece of toast. It’s better than nothing at all.

We are all here for you.

Nic xx


@Devonguy1966 hi Martin you have no need to be sorry. You are not failing, you are doing the best you can right now with all the heartbreak you are going through. Losing our soulmates is heartbreaking and soul destroying. All we can do is do the best we can and if that’s not a lot then that’s OK. But you do need to eat, Lucy would want you to look after yourself. Believe me I know its just an existence right now and not the life we had and wish we still had, but somehow we get through a day and then the next day and so on. It will be a year for me this week since I lost my beautiful darling and all I have done is take care of our pets and exist. I do it for them and her. As nicnic said we are your friends and are here for you. Please try to eat a little everyday. You are not alone people on here care. Sending you a hug x


@Devonguy1966 - don’t expect too much of yourself. Losing your partner and having Covid on top of all your grief, you are bound to be struggling.
I too struggle to eat, I can’t swallow food easily. But we must keep trying. I eat what I can face - even if that’s ice cream. At least it’s better than nothing.
Have you spoken to your GP? You may be able to get help with the sleeping. We can cope better if we get some sleep.
Keep posting on here as there is support for you from people in similar situations to you.