FOR US ALL :cry::broken_heart::rose::sparkling_heart::pray:


That’s beautiful x

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Hi Neil
I thought so too,
Thank You,
I’ll be searching for more soon
Sending You Lot’s Of :sparkling_heart: And :pray: Martin xx

Beautiful. Thanks Martin xx

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Hi nicnic
Glad That You Liked It, Hoping You Are ok
Sending You Lot’s Of :sparkling_heart: And :pray: Martin xx xx

Nel sorry :sparkling_heart::pray: xx

As well as can be thank you Martin. Hope you’re ok. Sending love back xx

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Bless You,I feel exactly the same as you, every day is a struggle,I now have to go for blood tests,my clothes don’t fit me anymore not even my underwear,My GP rang today after my counselor with Rowcroft bereavement support team I said I was suicidal, after Suki goes I’ve got nothing else, thank you for sending me love back, Martin xx

Hi Martin.

What did your GP advise?

You’ve got Lucys memory to live for. To tell the world who she is and what she meant to you. We love to hear about her. She wouldn’t want this for you would she?

I’m not the greatest at eating when I’m upset either and I’ve not eaten much these last 8 weeks but I try to eat something at some point in the day. You had tea and toast a while back? Maybe even if it’s just that a couple of times a day?

We are always here for you.

Nic xx