Lucy always said that you do not have friends family ,Once you have passed away, they come to your funeral,and then distance themselves from you, contact’s with them will make you feel like an outsider, they have no time for you,you are on your own,My God she was always right.


Hi Martin, it always sad when I read many posts like your where family and friends seem to disappear after the funeral.
I can only hope and pray that someone near to you realises how much pain you are in and reaches out to you.
Take care
Debbie X

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@Devonguy1966 - we are here for each other, my friend. I feeling my way, too, after T’s death and can say that some people who I would not have thought would, have stepped up and really made me welcome and part of their lives as they loved Tom. Some of my own family members, not so much. My sister in law said nothing when T was in hospital, or when he was dying, or when he died, or afterwards. She didn’t come to the funeral, citing childcare which could, to be fair, have been covered by her mother, who lives in the same village. In all, she has said absolutely nothing to me. I don’t know why. I say nothing in the interests of the family, etc, but it is very strange. Hope you are ok where you are.

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