Hi can someone help me please
In the heading of my post do I keep it as Devastated or @Devonguy1966
I’m a bit of a dinosaur with it all.
Appreciate it xx

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Dear @Devonguy1966

You can change the heading depending on what you are posting. For example in this post you could put RNLI as the subject heading and put the post under the topic General Chat. I would keep your name as Devonguy. When Suki sadly passed you could have put the heading as ‘Loss of a Pet’.
This way it is easier to find a topic that you are looking for.

If you want to keep it as Devastated that is alright also as everyone here knows that is you under that heading. Do what you feel is right for you. No right or wrong way on here.

Hope this makes sense.

Take care.


That’s how we all automatically know it is you.
Only change it when you are ready. :heart:

Hi @Devonguy1966, we’d advise that you might want to use specific titles for your threads. As @Peppers has mentioned, it may be easier for others to find your posts if you use titles related to the topic you’re sharing and to offer support.

If you need any help at all with thread titles or anything else do to with using the community, please do drop me a message anytime.

Take care,
Online Community Manager

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