They say God only takes the Good ones,Then why do you leave our loved ones to suffer, throughout the rest of their lives,

my Beautiful Lucy a dozen red roses yesterday ready for today.

I’m really searching my heart our friends on here, Why we are left to suffer xx


Martin, we are left so we can use our experiences to help others. Well that’s what I think. Hope it helps. S xxx


The flowers are lovely Martin. I am so sorry for your pain. I ask myself the same question over & over. I believe our loved ones are at peace, yet we are left here broken and with our world in tatters. It seems so cruel that we have to live (exist) in this state of anguish until we can see them again. My loss is different from yours, but I have read some of your posts and relate to your words. You express your love for Lucy so poignantly Take care :broken_heart: Xxxx