Hi Everyone
Just a quick update for you all,
I’m still in hospital on the cardiac Unit,
Juggling to get my bloods, blood pressure,heart rate etc to a satisfactory place, woken up every 6 hours day and night for blood pressure and temperature etc,

I’ve passed all the other many tests that have been put in front of me,My God I know this hospital inside out now :joy:

I’m doing ok thank you all for asking,I really do appreciate it, knowing I have you lovely friends checking up on me,

Still no news as to when I’m going down to Plymouth for my heart bypass surgery,

But I’ll keep you all updated, I promise,

Another weekend nearly out of the way,Phew I hate them as I know you all do Aswell.

Beutifull weather here but not allowed out of the ward.

I’m thinking of you all constantly,I jump on here now and then,to see what is happening I can’t always reply until I get a proper 30 minutes to reboot,

More and more heartbreaking stories I have been reading on here,
I sometimes get off the page quickly as your posts are spitting image to what I and many thousands of others like us have and are going through.Its truly heartbreaking.

Remember you are NOT Alone,We are all here for eachother and will continue to be,

Lot’s of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: to you all
Many hugs :hugs:
Take care Stay safe

Lucy and Martin xx xx


Hi Devonguy,
That is a lovely message, I usually work at Derriford hospital, and have put in a few hours since my wife passed on but not really done much, just the staff all said to come in as they are a great bunch and want to keep an eye on me. Rest assured I am not your heart surgeon.
good luck for the future
Joe x


Thank you for your update and we all wish you well. Yes, weekends are the worst part of the week but tomorrow is Monday so you can breathe deeper. We are all with you on your journey and sending love and blessings. S xx