Hi Everyone
I do hope that you are all doing the best you can The night’s have got darker earlier and so very lonely my second Christmas without my beautiful Lucy coming up Dreading it.

I made this love Heart and stand out of resin,I placed the individual flowers over a picture of my beautiful Lucy and mixed the resin and hardener equal amounts together and poured it into heart mould and stand mould,fill the mould only half way up leave for 6 hours and then fill the rest of the moulds to the top,leave for 24/36 Hours until set hard and demouled
It’s my first attempt and I’m really chuffed with it,it’s gorgeous I know Lucy loves it, it certainly gives me something to do there are so many different moulds out there I’ve got a dozen or so,so I will be busy

I hope you all like it,I wanted to share with you


It’s beautiful you must miss her so much x

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Hi just reading chats before I try to get some sleep
Devonguy66 that was a lovely picture showing what you made in memory of Lucy.Well dine x

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Like it… I love it.
What a beautiful and unique way to show your love and share your memories x

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