Just lost my husband after 21 happy years devastated and heartbroken. Not help by coroner not releasing body after 10 days waiting. Can’t imagine life carrying on.

So sorry for your loss Dotty, know exactly how you’re feeling. Nothing anyone can say will take away the pain you have on your heart, but please know that everyone on here understands and knows exactly how you feel. Please don’t ferl you have to suppress any emotions, we’re all here to help each other. It is 10 months and one week today since I lost my husband very suddenly. Not a day passes that i don’t wish he was here at my side, I am not alone in this thought. Every single person on here desires the same thing.

I truly hope you find some comfort and support from everyone who posts in this forum.

Blessings dear Dotty

Much love i know it’s so very cruel and hard x