did you ever just HAVE to talk to them?

Sometimes, I just get so desperate to talk to my parents.

I just have to talk to them. I know it is nuts but they were my sounding board and best friends.

They were the only ones who really knew what I should do.

I wonder if anyone else faces that impossible frustration.

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All the time, I so desperately need to talk to my dear Dad - I don’t know how I’m ever going to get through without him.


Gee 1 … thank you … it just seems so impossible without them.

I know what you mean @berit
My mum passed away Feb 2019, my dad in November 2019. My love, my soulmate my best friend, my dear husband died of covid at 61 in January this year.
A few weeks ago I cried so hard for my wee mammy & begged to go home to our family home. She loved my husband so much, if my mum & dad were here they would help me get through this. It’s hard being an orphan & a widow. I just didn’t see this coming, it wasn’t in the plan.


Oh I am full of consolation for you.

that is hard. I know about “the plan”. I know.

you lost your family, I am so sorry. it leaves one at such a loss.

I am sorry you lost him to Covid.


Yea, I just shout out the window of the car when I pass the graveyard.”I still love you and always will, and I miss you.”
Then say “ You’d like like ma new friend, she’s class.”

I lost my Mum twenty months ago and my Dad over twenty years ago. About once a week, I pull up a chair in my Mums sitting room and talk to her for a few minutes, as if she’s there. It does make me cry, but it also releases a lot of bottled up stress. I tend to fell better much later.
I don’t know whether it a coinincidence, but sometimes afterwards I find something in a strange place. Last week, it was a her hair pin on a serving plate. No idea, if I picked it up by accident and put it there.
Prior to the loss. If someone had told me I’d be talking to my dead mother, I would have said I needed to see a GP!
Without a doubt not sharing with my Mum in our old way is painful and dearly missed. We used to talk for hours each day.
I think one day I’ll just forget to talk to the empty room or won’t feel the need.

Maigret, I’m sorry you’ve lost so many loved ones in quick succession.
Take care


I talk to my son all the time, he passed away in May. If I didn’t speak to him still, I think I’d quite literally lose the plot. I pray to dream about him just so I can hear his voice
Sending much love to you and my deepest symmpathies


Hi Kjat sorry you lost your son , I lost my son in May to and like you I talk to him every day, for ages sometimes . We were very close , if something was bothering me ( he could always tell )he would not let it go until he found out what it was and tried to sort it out for me. Just wondering how you are coping because for me it just seems to be getting worse not better. It was a sudden unexpected death so it just came out of the blue . :broken_heart:

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Hi, I’m not sure i am coping, I cry most days and feel absolutely heartbroken. It’s early days for us both, I expect we need to be gentle with ourselves and just let the emotions flow, even if that means we’re crying most of the time. I’m finding it harder now the shock has worn off and I’m also angry at the injustice of it all.
Much love is sent your way, im so very sorry for your loss.

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