Difficult to move on๐Ÿ™

Just feel a bit lost depressed a bit stuck really.
Had so many changes in past 7-8 months
My mum in law died then exhusband move back home then my dad who barely knew died and lost my Job
Ive posted few times
I keep in touch with few people on this site
My mobile not working properly

Life is so difficult at times, made so much worse just now because of Covid, I think many people are feeling like you and havenโ€™t been through the bereavements that you have had to cope with, sending you love and letting you know that someone is thinking about xx

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S47, at the 7-8 month point iโ€™m not surprised that you are feeling down. It is still very early days for you.
I can only agree with Jude, itโ€™s very difficult for us to go about our normal lives at the moment.
Take care.

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