I always find the evenings the hardest, i can keep my mimd busy during the day but the evening it can get hard.

I cant help thinking how has this happened, how do i not have my mum anymore, she was everything to me, we did so much together my life is now totally different and so hard at times.

I want my mum, its so unfair.


I agree with you Niccic, nighttime is awful. I lost my mother 5 weeks ago and its so hard. Kieran

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I am the same I lost my mum on this Christmas Day .
I’m devastated and I’n total shock . Seems very unreal. She was everything to me my best friehd my soul mate .Like yourself I’m busy in the day but nighttime is so hard . So I understand the pain you are going through


I’m so sorry Riley. That must be so raw to lose your mum so soon. It’s still so difficult for me, lost my mother 2nd November and I can’t believe I’m typing this. the only thing that I try to think is what my mother would have wanted… which is not me to suffer. X kieran

I’m sorry for your loss too . Life can be cruel.
Let’s all take comfort in this group and help each other x

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