Distraction and a sense of hope flicker

I lost my mum in august this year and everything is a exhausting uphill struggle including xmas. Im finding i dont want to be alone at home but when i go out im exhausted and need to go home. If i watch tv i lose hours to it then feel like ive acomplished nothing. I do think about the next year and all the things that may or can happen a new chapter for the whole family. But then sad as its because shes died. You just dont know how to be. Im upset over people sending me xmas cards etc. My dad buying agift and saying that would be from mum. Just feel like nothing helps.

Hello @CHIP21, I am so sorry for the loss of your mum. I think a lot of our members will relate to some what you’re feeling right now. You’re still in the very early days of grief and it’s completely understandable that you’re feeling so exhausted.

The first Christmas without our loved one can be especially difficult. We have a support page on Coping with grief at Christmas which might be helpful. You’re not alone.

Take care,